Wednesday, July 14, 2010


He loved you,
but it's not your boyfriend
He attention to you,
but not family
He is ready to share the pain,
but He does not have blood relations with
He was Companion

     Friend ...
     Angry like DAD,
     Care such as MOM,
     Annoying as SHE,
     Ticks like a BROTHER,
     but love you more than your boyfriend


Mother .....
Your smile invincible by diamond
caress your love expensive unsold
Unsullied white affection
That's why you ...

     Mother ....
     Mimicked worth the patience
     You're talking sweet
     decanted from your sweet lips

How perfect you
As perfect flowers in the gardens of paradise
Like a flower that always Scent
Nan fragrant your affection ..


Either Now or Later
So subordinate or boss
Living under a bridge or a full wealth
Dead with a gun or with permission god
Believe me my friend
The story of friendship
Classic Stories will become in the future
Being a Tale of the sweetest in the end times
About Friendship without breakup saga


life is not how many people who know you,
not how good people adore you,
but how you can touch the lives of others
in a way that is not replaceable,
so that your presence is very meaningful for someone else.